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Y Cuba qué!!
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This section was made thinking of all my great friends outside LatinAmerica...  :) 

morality, honor, principles!!
Old Fashioned Red Cadillac

Main facts about transportation in CUBA...

In Cuba theres usually a line of persons awaiting for any kind of transportation, you must mark your place by asking for el último (the last one) and lining up behind that person. You wave to the next person who shows up and asks the same question, and your place in the invisible queue is marked.

Its a colorful way to travel this way, because you can get involved with people and learn more about cuban way of livingyou can hear from slang to heated discussions about anything its highly recommended.

students awaiting for the guagua at Intl.BookFair
...ultimo para la 190!!
...the last for 190 route!!


Bus service is most held by the guaguas, that operate with route numbers and only stop at specific paradas (bus stops).


To prevent breakdows, city bus drivers often limit the number of passengers they carry and the conductor will stop letting people aboard as soon as limit is reached this situation often induces disagreement and  light fights between hurried passengers


I fronted this kind of situation with a positive way of thinking, because if you dont catch that bus, maybe have to wait an hour for the next one ... and get time for reading, writing or why not...making a new friendship!!


Cost: 40cents of cuban peso or  1 cuban peso in case of particular Omnibus.

There are several tipes of taxis!!

-Shiny news tourist taxis cluster at the large hotels try not to take them, their price is about US$1 a kilometer.

-Lada taxis operated by Cubataxi or Panataxi chains are considerably cheaper, use them to get from airport or in an emergency.

- Old, privately owned American cars called máquinas. Are highly recommended, you pay about 10 to 20 cuban pesos for a considerable distance. These máquinas often carry many persons who goes by an specific route that you may ask first. One famous stand of these old cars is front El Capitolio.

- Bicitaxi are 3 wheel tricycles with a double seat behind the driver. Are very common in Havana and other main cities. Must be careful cause some of this bicitaxis ask ridiculous amounts for tourists even though Cubans pay about five pesos.


horse carriages at tourist area!!

The horse carriages you see at touristical places are government owned and charge about US$5 per persons for mini-tours.


Travel to other cities is held by trucks called camionetas, that often leaves from a specific station.

Cost: 5 to 10 cuban pesos, depending the distance.

Truck Tour: Habana/SanAntonio/GuiradeMelena
Stop at SanAntoniodelosBannos
Cost: about 5 cuban pesos

Train service has declined in recent years due to a shortage of fuel, aging equipment  and deteriorating railwail lines. But it still used. Some trips are even relaxed and train stations tend to be close to the city centers.

Train Station at Guira de Melena
estacion de tren en Guira de Melena

Gas Station at Guira de Melena
the called "conejito" station!!

The famous Granma Boat !!
llevo a los 82 expedicionarios de Mexico a Cuba
suposed to held only 11 passengers...